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Be My Neighbor Day!


It's September!

September means that Summer is over and school is back in session.  It means evenings are cooling off and the first day of Autumn is just around the corner.  Most of us are back into our routines and possibly feeling a little nostalgic.  There are also changes that begin to happen in the weather, nature, our clothing, and the foods we eat.  We won't see a great deal of change here in Southern California, but I can dream. Fall is my favorite time to travel and visit other cities and towns.  

To celebrate Fall, we are joining with Moda and others in the quilting community to build a new neighborhood. 
Beginning today, we will post a free quilt block every Friday for the next 16 weeks.  The "blueprints" for the Moda'hood will be rendered in gray-scale to allow everyone to color their neighborhood using a wide variety of fabric and color choices.  

For my Neighborhood quilt I found inspiration from one of my favorite artists and favorite times of year.  I am combining the feel of Charles Wysocki's painting Labor Day in Bungalowville and Moda fabrics Perfectly Seasoned by Sandy Gervais and Welcome Fall by Deb Strain.   The greens, blues, browns, golds and plums in the fabric perfectly capture the feeling of Fall in Charles Wysocki's paintings and in my heart.  Here is my first block.


I hope you can join along with us as we build our Neighborhoods.  

While I am telling you some of my favorite things, let me mention one of my favorite words - Joy!
Joy is a gift from God!  It is not a momentary feeling of happiness.  It lives deep within ourselves and is shown in our contentment, hope and love.  It is something to be shared with others.  To me, Joy is one of the threads, with Love, that builds a strong home, family and friendship.  That is why I end my newsletters with the thought ... Sew in Joy!  I could say it in a different way -  So enjoy!  It means the same thing,  to have joy so deep inside of you that it becomes part of everything you do and everything you are.  

So don't forget this Fall to Sew in Joy wherever you are!

~ Betsy